June 12, 2000 — A procedure that’s been utilized to look at blood flow within the heart since the mid-1980s is presently being used in a better approach that will help pinpoint very early heart malady, says a paper in the current issue of the diary Circulation, published by the American Heart Affiliation.

The method is called phase differentiate magnetic reverberation imaging (PC-MR), and it was utilized to look at the most blood vessel in the heart. “With this approach, we are ready to survey the blood supply to the heart muscle and assess how well the blood vessels of the heart work,” says Juerg Schwitter, MD, in a press discharge. Schwitter is partner teacher of cardiology at College Healing center of Zurich, Switzerland, and the study’s lead researcher.

“[The new test] disposes of the require for two tests, which would result in time reserve funds, in spite of the fact that the procedure itself may be more costly,” says William Parmley, MD, also one of the study’s authors. Parmley is teacher of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco.

The paper reports results of utilizing PC-MR in 16 sound volunteers with no heart malady and in nine heart transplant recipients. The technique was compared with another imaging strategy, PET checking, to evaluate its accuracy. Comes about demonstrate that the two techniques compare favorably, but PC-MR is able to supply additional information around genuine heart work.

“I think this procedure will demonstrate to be a important investigate device in creating unused medicines to avoid the development of coronary course [heart] malady,” Schwitter says.

William Herzog, MD, relate professor of cardiology at the College of Maryland School of Medicine, looked into the paper for WebMD. “While exceptionally curiously from a inquire about angle, there just isn’t any legitimization for using such a method in large populations, so its application is quite constrained,” he says.

Herzog believes the procedure might one day provide early clues to heart disease, but says, “there remains no substitute for a great history and physical exam.”

Vital Information: An imaging strategy called phase differentiate magnetic resonance imaging (PC-MR) may be an viable way to identify very early heart illness. In a recent study, PC-MR was able to supply more data approximately heart function when compared to another imaging procedure called PET checking. One master says the unused procedure is interesting for investigate ventures, but may not be advantageous to the common population.

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