May 20, 2009 — Individuals born some time recently 1957 may be less vulnerable than younger people to the H1N1 swine flu.

CDC researchers have recognized antibodies in the blood of older people that neutralize the new flu bug presently sweeping the nation, Daniel Jernigan, MD, MPH, delegate executive of the CDC’s flu division, said today in a news conference.

“We infer from that, there is some level of assurance,” Jernigan said. “But to prove assurance, we see at the impact [the virus has] on the populace, and at this point we do not have that data.”

Why is 1957 a key year? Every flu season after it first appeared, the dangerous 1918 widespread H1N1 flu bug circled the globe. Each year, the infection acquired changes that made it different from the initial infection. But in 1957 there was a unused widespread, this time with an H2N2 infection. The new infection took the put of the old H1N1 bug.

“And so when we conversation about the pre-1957 exposures, we are alluding to those exposed to the past H1N1 infection that went absent in 1957,” Jernigan said. “The more distant back you go in time, the more likely you are to have been uncovered to an H1N1 infection some time recently 1957 — and exposure to that virus numerous a long time back may allow you to have a few reaction to the unused H1N1.”

The unused H1N1 swine flu bug is much diverse from the 1918 H1N1 virus. It’s also much distinctive from the H1N1 regular flu virus that still circulates. But something around that pre-1957 bug appears to have left more seasoned people with antibodies that neutralize the modern flu — and might offer some security against it.

Swine Flu Hits Young people Hardest

Whether or not old antibodies are defensive, numerous more seasoned people are getting wiped out from the modern flu. Some of these illnesses are extreme: 13% of people hospitalized with swine flu are 50 or more seasoned. And the number of H1N1 cases among more seasoned people is increasing.

But H1N1 swine flu is hitting young individuals hardest. More than 60% of cases are in 5- to 24-year-olds.

Remarkably — since this can be usually the healthiest age bunch — 37% of people hospitalized with swine flu are 19 to 49 a long time old. The median age of a person hospitalized with the modern flu is 19.

Those aged 5 to 18 make up 29% of swine flu hospitalizations. Because so many cases of H1N1 swine flu have been transmitted in schools, it’s conceivable that more seasoned people as it were seem to be protected since they’ve had less contact with more youthful people.

In past flu pandemics, in any case, the same design has emerged: the illness tended to strike youthful individuals hardest.

Jernigan said that the CDC will before long release a nitty gritty report on the neutralizing counter acting agent ponder.

In the mean time, the unused flu proceeds its spread while the seasonal flu winds down. Jernigan said that about 80% of individuals who test positive for flu now turn out to have the modern H1N1 bug.

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