Dec. 1, 2010 (Chicago) — Breast shields ought to be utilized to save the breast tissue from radiation in men and ladies experiencing CT checks of the lung.

So say analysts who found that the shield — a lean piece of overwhelming metal set before the chest – does not influence the diagnostic accuracy of the pictures.

Inquire about has appeared that breast shields decrease the measurements of radiation to the chest by almost 30%, says Terry Healey, MD, chief of thoracic radiation at Alpert Therapeutic School of Brown College in Provision, R.I.

That’s vital since “radiation can cause auxiliary cancers, particularly within the breast tissue,” he tells WebMD.

But numerous specialists are hesitant to utilize the shields since they can cause artifacts — streaks or lines, for illustration — on the pictures. “They stress that the pictures will be harder to examined and this will compromise their symptomatic exactness,” Healey says.

That, in any case, has never been proven.

Breast Shields Don’t Influence Determination

So Healey and colleagues considered 50 individuals who had chest CT looks some time recently and after the schedule utilize of breast shields at their institution. Most were having the looks to hunt for cancer or to look at lung knobs.

The shield was put specifically on the chest or raised approximately 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches absent from the chest.

In two-thirds of patients, the pictures had streaks or other artifacts. But none affected the determination, Healey says.

“We never missed a finding,” he says.

Lifting the shield almost an inch to an inch-and-a-half off the chest will decrease the chance of having an artifact, Healey says.

The ponder was displayed here at the yearly assembly of the Radiological Society of North America.

Inquired to comment on the discoveries, Judy Yee, MD, bad habit chair of radiology at the College of California, San Francisco, tells WebMD that “there’s no great reason not to utilize breast shields. The taken a toll is moderately moo and the advantage huge.”

They’re especially useful for more youthful patients (who are more helpless to the impacts of radiation) and ladies (as they’re more likely to create breast cancer), she says.

The fetched of a breast shield is around $100, Healey says. “Whereas they’re showcased for one-time utilize, we reuse them,” he says.

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