April 11, 2003 — With as well much “terrible” LDL cholesterol regularly comes as well smallgreat” HDL cholesterol — not to say tall levels of triglyceride fats drifting around within the blood. And getting all these diverse blood fats back in line can be dubious. But presently analysts have found that combining two diverse drugs can essentially advantage those with this triple-whammy.

Analysts say that combining an LDL-lowering “statin” medicate with a sedate that raises HDL cholesterol and brings down triglyceride levels may be the way to go. This combination dropped triglyceride levels by 52% and LDL cholesterol by 28%. But it too raised HDL cholesterol by a emotional 23%. Whereas Zocor by itself created a comparable drop in their LDL cholesterol, it raised HDL cholesterol as it were by 6%.

In three 12-week periods, each of the 20 think about members gotten one of three every day medications: Zocor 10 mg and Tricor 200 mg, Zocor furthermore a fake treatment, or two placebos. All the members had tall LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels and moo HDL cholesterol — a condition called combined hyperlipidemia.

Medicate treatment for combined hyperlipidemia presents a challenge since one medicate seldom amends all the variations from the norm watched in this condition, says lead analyst Gloria Vega, PhD, teacher of clinical sustenance at the College of Texas Southwestern Restorative Center at Dallas.

“The take-home message is merely ought to know your LDL cholesterol — and know your other hazard variables,” Vega tells WebMD. While consideration is regularly centered on bringing downterrible” LDL cholesterol to assist anticipate heart assault, tall triglyceride levels and low HDL cholesterol compound the chance.

Her ponder shows up within the April 15 issue of The American Diary of Cardiology. The consider comes about are promising and ought to be tried in a bigger gather of patients, says one cardiologist.

“It’s continuously difficult to draw as well numerous conclusions based on a ponder of as it were 20 individuals,” says cardiologist Ira S. Nash, MD, of the Mount Sinai School of Medication and a representative for the American Heart Affiliation. “But it’s an amazing development in all parameters in a heading you need to see. This is often a decent piece of work that sets the arrange.”

And other later inquire about has highlighted the significance of getting those HDL cholesterol levels up. Fair final week, two considers were displayed at the American College of Cardiology’s yearly assembly recommending that tall levels of heart-protecting HDL cholesterol may be as or indeed more critical in anticipating heart assaults than bringing down LDL cholesterol.

Zocor, a prevalent part of the “statin” drugs utilized by millions of Americans, is utilized fundamentally to lower destructive LDL cholesterol levels; its commonplace beginning measurements is at slightest 20 milligrams — twice as tall as what was utilized in Vega’s ponder. Tricor makes a difference diminish triglycerides levels.

“We know that [cholesterol and triglycerides] are undertreated in common, and it’s uncommon when a understanding gets a moment medicate after the primary,” Nash tells WebMD. “But clearly, the endless larger part of Zocor is coordinated at bringing down LDL cholesterol instead of raising HDL cholesterol. And Tricor is essentially utilized to lower triglyceride levels.”

But not one or the other sedate is particularly planned to raise HDL cholesterol — in spite of the fact that treating any LDL cholesterol or triglycerides level anomaly with drugs or indeed way of life changes now and then produces slight increments in HDL cholesterol. By bringing down triglyceride levels, for occurrence, patients with tall triglyceride levels regularly boost their HDL cholesterol, says Vega.

When giving Tricor to patients as of now taking Zocor, specialists are prompted to endorse lower measurements of the statin — the same 10-milligram measurement utilized in Vega’s consider — to dodge harmfulness. In Vega’s ponder, no clear genuine side impacts were famous from the double treatment.

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